About Casual Kate


I am so touched and honored at the response I have received from everyone who has gotten to know the Casual Kate brand and has received one of our items!

Casual Kate is not just a collection of products; it is a personality, an expression, a feeling, a sense of community…  I want to inspire, support, and motivate through each simple design and every detail that goes into the Casual Kate brand and experience.

Sometimes all it takes to put a smile on your face and turn your day around is a fun, comfy t-shirt with an inspiring or sassy message, or a simple piece of jewelry with a powerful impact.

When I started Casual Kate, all I wanted to accomplish was to create a little shop that I could manage and fill with my creations.  As a stay-at-home mom and wife, I just wanted something of my own to use as a creative outlet.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wanted to make Casual Kate more than just a website where people could buy “stuff.”  The more I researched and worked on designs, I wanted to make Casual Kate more about inspiring, supporting, and motivating women everywhere.

But I hit a creative block while working on reinventing Casual Kate.  As I researched, I saw so many other shops and companies just flooding social media and the market with their “inspirational” products.  I felt like a tiny guppy in a huge ocean of big fish.

I took some time and kept learning and developing my ideas for Casual Kate.  It finally hit me that all the other shops out there didn’t matter, they weren’t why I wanted to do this!  I wanted to make Casual Kate a truly authentic experience where women can feel they are buying from a brand that honestly cares about them and, when exploring our website and specially curated collections, experiencing our social media posts, or encountering our genuine customer service, they walk away feeling better in some way.  I want Casual Kate to make women smile, really smile.

Most of the other shops and sites offering women inspirational and motivational items don’t bother to invest the time to really create any sense of feeling, other than the short, viral message that they print on a coffee mug or t-shirt.  There was a particular shop, launched by someone I had actually followed personally on social media for some time, who jumped on the bandwagon of “motivational products”.  I remember being nervously anxious to check out her new shop, as she was very authentic and great in her other venture.  I clicked on her website link and was so surprised.  It was just a grid of product pictures slapped on a screen with prices.  No heart, no feeling, and, most importantly to me, no authenticity.  I was both let down and inspired by this, I knew I could do so much better with creating a meaningful, authentic experience for women.

So, I poured my heart and soul into creating the Casual Kate experience that I wanted.   The feel, the personality, the quality of the designs, the customer service…. I want it all to make a difference in someone’s day, no matter how small.  I personally design everything in my shop.  The handstamped jewelry is made by yours truly at my workbench.

Can you buy a graphic tee, art print, or tote from another shop?  Of course you can.   My goal is to make you feel something when you see my design somewhere, or when you find Casual Kate on social media and click the link to take you to my website where you are welcomed by everything that is the thoughtfully created Casual Kate experience.   I don’t want you to just tell your friend about a cute t-shirt you saw online “somewhere”, but to tell your friend how you saw this super cute t-shirt and you found her shop on Instagram and went to her website and, oh-my-gosh, it is just the prettiest shop , and the girl that runs it is so sweet, and she has so many awesome designs, so many things you want to get, and darling gift ideas, and there is this one necklace that reminded  you of…. 

What keeps this so rewarding for me is that I am always learning and implementing new ideas to make Casual Kate even better for YOU!   It is exhilarating every time I announce a new collection, or new feature.  I know the thought and detail that went into all of it and I know that you will be able to “feel” that!

Thank you for getting to know Casual Kate!

xoxo – Christy