Ooooh, there is so much good stuff in store for you in CLUB KATE!  If you have questions about the CLUB, you can learn more below.  If you are just itchin’ to get in on the spoiling right now, just click the button now to join!

What is CLUB KATE?

The technical answerCLUB KATE is simply an email subscription, that is it.  Members simply sign-up and subscribe to the CLUB KATE email list with their email address.  There is no cost or additional info needed from you, just your first name and your email address.   You can unsubscribe at any time.

The awesome, fluffy, fun answer CLUB KATE is how I spoil those that love Casual Kate!  I start by giving you an exclusive club discount code to use when you shop!  Once you have your code, I send out an email to the whole club about every 1-2 weeks.  These emails are where the spoiling happens!  If you stay in CLUB KATE and check your emails, you will get all kinds of sweet stuff like free digital downloads for art prints you can print or use digitally, exclusive club giveaways, flash sales, opportunities to weigh in on future items and collections, and of course, you will always be the first to know about new collections and other happenings at Casual Kate.   Plus, you never know when I will slide in some other kind of super special spoiling treat!

SPAM and Your Email Address

Casual Kate will never share, sell, or trade your email address for any reason.  When you sign up for CLUB KATE and provide your email address, it is used soley by Casual Kate to send you club emails as described above.  That is it.  Promise.

Let’s talk about SPAM.   What is SPAM, really, anyway?

1. Irrelevant, inappropriate, or unsolicited  messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.
2.  A trademarked canned meat product made mainly from ham.
1. To send the same message indiscriminately to large numbers of recipients on the internet.

Well, safe to assume CLUB KATE won’t be confused with canned meat, so we will ignore that one… 

Casual Kate only sends emails to recipients who have signed up for the CLUB KATE email list.  Additionally, the emails sent only contain the discount, freebie, sale, giveaway, and company info promised.  No one likes to get pushy, used-car-salesman sounding emails, right?   When you open and read an email from CLUB KATE, I hope you feel like you are reading an email from a friend who is telling you the latest about something fun and exciting because, well, that is what I am doing when I sit in my office and type up a new email for everyone in CLUB KATE.  It is me, excitedly sharing the latest news and treats I have for you!  If you ever decide you do not want to receive any more CLUB KATE emails, you can easily click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every CLUB KATE email.   ♥

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